Friday, 12 February 2010

Build Your Self-Confidence and Learn to Be Happy

by Anne Bellamy, Author of Using The Law of Attraction to Help The Universe Help You

If you are lacking in Self-confidence than you are lacking in what is one of your greatest tools.  Your level of self-confidence determines what you bring into this experience of your life.  The way to bring more self-confidence into your life is to be still with yourself.

A lot of people feel uncomfortable just being alone, never mind being still.  But you must not be afraid to be alone.  For it is in this solitude that you will be able to develop an incredibly strong sense of self-confidence.

How does this work?  When you are alone, there is no one to influence your thoughts.  There is no one to dominate your attention.  Everything that you think about can be focussed on you and you alone. By the way, you always have the ability to do this, it's just easier with no distractions.

So, for the novice, find some time and space to yourself.  Be alone and feel comfortable with it.  Feel at peace with the solitude.  Invite it in.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with being alone.  Some absolutely love it!

You need to learn to love your own company.  You need to grow, on your terms, at your own speed.  When you find yourself alone, or when you make yourself alone, give some time to consider your thoughts.  What are you thinking about all day long?  Do you punish yourself for being late?  Do you worry about having a bad hair day?  Do you think this outfit makes you look fat?

All this self-doubt only sabotages your happiness and therefore, your future.  Do you know the saying that you wouldn't worry so much what people think about you if you realized how little people think about you?  Consider that!

Really, how often do you think about other people? Not too often. Most of us are self-absorbed. That's great on some level.  If that self-absorption leads you to a good place, but if you're lacking in self-confidence, that self-absorption is quite harmful.

You need to start thinking about what you do like about yourself.  You need to start realizing that the Universe loves you.  That you have a spirit guide, who loves you.  Call it what you will, there is a higher power who sees all the glory that is you.

Spend some time alone and consider your good qualities.  Make a point of doing so.  Count your blessings.  Big yourself up!  You need to do this before you can attract more happiness and abundance into your life.  Here's a few things about yourself that may make you smile:

  • Your sense of humour

  • Your intelligence

  • Your kindness

  • Your compassion

  • Your patience

  • Your curiosity

  • Your smile

  • Your laugh

  • Your physical appearance

  • The friends you have attracted

  • The family who loves you

  • Your pet who loves you

You may only relate to a few of the things on this list, but that's okay.  Pick what you relate to, and focus on those things!  Be grateful for your compassion, your patience or you intelligence.

Feel your head with gratitude and appreciation!  Your self-confidence will start to rise.  You will start to believe in  yourself. And when you have belief, you are speaking the language of the Universe, and it will start to reply.