Wednesday, 1 May 2013

2 Day Challenge: Can You Go Without Complaining?

Thanks to the Law of Attraction we get what we think about, and say about.  Good or bad, the Law of Attraction has a clear set of rules and follows them to the letter.  When you're having fun, positive thoughts, the Law of Attraction sends you more fun, positive thoughts and experiences.  Which is great!  Except......the flip side of this is that when your having a crusty, grumpy, prickly, leave-me-alone moment (or day) the Law of Attraction will send you more of the same crap!

Part of this less-then-ideal situation is complaining.  We all do it.  When something doesn't sit well with us, be it a personal, or even on behalf of someone else, we like to air our grievances.  We bitch, we complain.  What we're really doing is seeking validation from others.  "I deserve to feel this way!  I'm right, aren't I?"  is what we're really saying when we complain. It's our ego asserting itself.  The problem with that is that our ego doesn't always do what's best for us.  It just wants to be right, come hell or high water.

But we're not doing ourselves any favour by letting the ego take charge.  If the ego wants to complain, and if the Law of Attraction brings you more of what you're putting out there, then the ego has to be stopped!

Therefore, I have a 2 day challenge for you.

Day 1:  Don't complain, bitch, moan, sulk, or whine out loud to anyone, anywhere on any topic.  Don't say a single negative thing about anything and anyone, ALL DAY.  It's a toughie.  Even as I write this I wonder if I'll be able to do this, but I'm sure as shootin' gonna try.

Day 2:  Even tougher.  Don't complain, bitch, moan, sulk or whine to yourself, mentally about anyone, or anything ALL DAY.  Whoa!  Here's a little leeway:  If you do catch yourself doing this, then get off topic as fast as you can.  Distract yourself, busy yourself, read a book, listen to some music, meditate, you get the picture.

Our mother's advice "If you haven't got anything nice to say, don't say anything at all" was genius.  Mother's do know best!  Try it for a couple days and let me know how it went.  Was it hard, or easy for you to do?  Did you see any tangible beneficial results?  I'd love to know, but won't complain if you don't tell me :-)