Monday, 8 August 2011

Day 28: Gratitude for Freebies

Day 28 started out with my 40 minute run where I continued my love affair with money.  It feels particularly good to do this while running because it combines feeling strong, both mentally and physically, which helps me feel good emotionally.

We then went blackberry picking in the forest near our house.  Because this challenge has forced me to pay attention to my thoughts and feelings, I made sure I gave thanks to the forest for the free food it was providing for us.  Sound corny?  Maybe just a bit, but it was a beautiful day, and we were peacefully picking (free) fruit, so why not give thanks? 

In fact, the blackberries are so plentiful this year, our freezer is starting to get full (thank you!)

Money doesn't just come to you in bills and coins.  It doesn't just appear in bank statements.  Money is also in the freebies out there.  Free fruit, unexpected coupons that come through the door, and in my case, at the beginning of July, two free tickets to Wimbledon, a dream come true for me. 

If you're looking for money in your life, make sure you count the freebies that you get.  Often we ignore them, and don't count them as money.  But they are.  So give thanks to something that you got for free.  Appreciate the freebies, and they'll keep coming to you.