Thursday, 25 August 2011

Visualizing and Seeing Clearly

Yesterday something seriously cool happened to me (or rather by me)  Since the age of 13 I have worn glasses and/or contacts.  My eyesight got steadily worse until about the age of 27 at which point it's pretty much remained the same. 

Not once, since about the age of 18, have I ever left the house, or even gotten out of bed without first popping my glasses on my face.

As you know, I've been reading Money and The Law of Attraction to keep me focused on my goal.  It's not just about money, though.  There's a huge section on health, which is what I've been reading.  In a nutshell, you and only you can determine the state of your physical body, and if you want it to flourish and remain healthy, you have to take the time to think thoughts that reflect that. 

As part of my commitment to "take 5" every hour, I spent 5 minutes yesterday visualizing my perfect health. 

Later on in the afternoon, after the rain finally stopped and the sun came out, I decided to sit outside and bask in the corner of my backyard where the sun was still hitting.  I took my glasses off, and put on my sunglasses, closed my eyes and took 5 for that hour. 

Then, I picked up my book and continued to read it.  I read 4 whole pages before it suddenly dawned on me.  I was NOT wearing my glasses!  I was still wearing my non-subscription sunglasses!  AND I READ 4 PAGES!!!!  This blew me away!  I laughed and laughed and laughed.  "This is AMAZING" I thought, and then "I can't believe this" and BOOM just like that it was over.  Poor eyesight resumed.

"I can't believe this" 

I thought long and hard about what that statement really means.  We say it all the time when something remarkable happens, don't we?  I think we should stop.  It's like telling the Universe, "nope, I don't have faith in this, please take it away"

From now on, let's practice saying "I can believe this"  and "I made this happen" and "thanks Universe! This feels great!" (because it did, while I allowed it to last)