Friday, 20 April 2012

Law of Attraction Challenge

 by the author of Using The Law of Attraction To Help The Universe Help You

A few days ago I got a message on Twitter from my friend Chauncey, asking me what was happening with my see, it's been awhile since I updated.  I explained to him that, as I am prone to laziness, I needed a new challenge to kick me in the butt.

Being the coach that he is, I knew he would respond with one.  A few days later I got an email from him describing his challenge for me.

In a nutshell, I have to pick an item that I would like to attract (can't be money).  Also, the item has to be a 10 on a 1 to 10 scale in terms of achievability.....Chauncey informed me that it wouldn't be wise to try and attract a castle, as it's a large target...."One day", I informed him.  The item had to be something that wasn't too big, or too small.

So, after some thought, with item finally chosen, the next step was to write down the following:

"I am so happy now that the universe has given the right _______________ for me."  I have to stay general with this statement. As he explained :

Notice I do no want it to be specific. For example if you want a new digital camera say digital camera not Nikon D40. This opens up the universe to give you the perfect digital camera for you.

After writing down the statement, I was to feel the item as already received.  I allowed the happiness and gratitude to wash over me, as if the item were already mine. 

I wrote down the statement, keeping it general, and as instructed, placed it in a sealed envelope and wrote the date on the seal.

The next step is, twice a day, at bedtime, and when I awaken in the morning, to spend five minutes visualizing this item.  Feeling it, noticing the colour of it, imaging it in my get the idea.

Now I have to wait and see how long it takes to attract the item.

I accepted the challenge, because Chauncey's so full of enthusiasm, he's a hard guy to say no to.

My first thought though, upon reading this challenge was that it would be difficult to imagine this item as soon as I wake up.  You see, I like need coffee first thing in the morning.  I thought "how am I gonna do this, when I really need to get up and have my java first thing?" 

Well, the universe is a magical place.  I started this challenge yesterday, when the phone rang at 6:15am, which is about 45 minutes before I get up.  It was my Dad.  He never calls at this time ( he lives in Canada where they are five hours behind us in the UK)  Ergo, it was 1:15am for him.  He called to wish me an early happy birthday, as he was going away for a long weekend (apparently somewhere where they don't have telephones....insert sarcasm) and wouldn't get to call me on the actual day. 

After groggily thanking him, (what?!?!) for waking me, I realized he did me a favour.  I couldn't go back to what did I do?  Yep, I spent the time visualizing my item.  Check.

Then, this morning, my actual birthday, regards, well-wishes, etc are welcome:-), my lovely hubby said something extremely rare.  "I'll get you a coffee this morning" as he bounded out of bed.  (I'm usually the coffee maker/getter) He left me alone guessed it....about five minutes.  Time I used to visualize my item again! 

Twice already the Universe has shown me that it's on my side!  It is a magical place, and will work wonders for you, if you let it. I can't wait to receive my item!