Thursday, 21 July 2011

The Money Attracting Challenge: Day 10

On the morning of Day 10, I checked my Twitter account and found this message from my friend Chauncey:
Chauncey Scott:
Now, before I started this challenge, I probably would have read this, felt good about it, thanked him, then dismissed it.  But not anymore, baby!  I am full of appreciation for these words from Chauncey.  Not just because he's my friend, but because I attracted them.  
As I've mentioned before, one of my affirmations is "I love it when people respect me" I haven't forgotten that affirmation.  I haven't forgotten that I asked the Universe to send me signs that there are people out there who respect me, who are proud of me.  
Although he has complimented me before, I don't think Chauncey's ever told me he's proud of me (never expected him to) and while I am full of appreciation for his words (because I ask for great friends to be sent my way too) I am also full of appreciation for the Universe for sending this message my way.  
Like I've said before, I am noticing more. 
I am paying attention to what I am asking for, and what I am receiving.  And I am expressing appreciation and gratitude when I receive it.  Thanks Uni! (my little nickname for the Universe...I figure nicknames are endearing, so why not show my endearment for the Universe?)

This challenge has helped me tremendously.  I highly recommend it to anyone reading this.   You don't necessarily have to be intending to attracting money.  You can intend to attract health, love, adventure, companionship.....anything that puts a smile on your face. 
Caution: Experiment will cause you to smile at odd times resulting in stares from others....
Let them!