Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Day 37: Visualizing Cheques and Feeling Good!

The morning of Day 37, and when the mail arrived, I walked into our hallway to see an envelope with one of those windows on it.  Inside I could see RED paper.  My heart immediately started pounding.  Did I forget to pay a bill????  Red means final notice, doesn't it? WTH????

Fortunately, I was able to get control of my thoughts.  I turned around, took a deep breath, and did some pivoting.  What would it look like if I got cheques through the mail?  I immediately started to visualize cheques pouring through the mail slot.  I saw myself opening the envelopes, pulling out the cheques, and seeing the figures on them.  Boy, that felt better!  I must admit, I was proud of myself for taking a fearful moment and turning it into a happy one.

After I got myself into a better-feeling place, I turned back around, picked up the envelope and opened it.  It was a voter registration card, confirming our details.  I guess the red was to let us know it was an important document, but sheesh, I could have done without that heart pounding.

However, being a "glass is half full" kinda gal, I felt appreciation for the moment, because it gave me a chance to test and practise my pivoting skills. 

Remember, it's not which way the wind is blowing, but if you are able to adjust your sails. 

Now, who said that?