Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Creating Your Future and Re-Writing Your Past

You are a creator in this world.  You were born and came to life so that you may create what you desire to have, see and experience.  You did NOT choose to come here to be a feather in the wind.  Life, you determined before you were born, is going to be fun!  "I am going to have a blast!  I am going to decide what I love and what I don't love and then I'm gonna focus on the love and get amazing results!"  That is what you thought before you were born.  Your intention was fun, love, happiness and joy.  Your intention was to experience the bad stuff, yes, but only in order that you could focus more clearly on the good stuff.  You didn't come to here to have mediocrity rule your life.

But it often does, doesn't it?

Answer these questions about yourself:

Do you wake up tired, and disappointed that it's time to get up?
Do you dread the thought of going into work?
Do you have to drag yourself out of bed?
Do you wake up "on the wrong side of the bed"?
Do you travel to work with a scowl on your face?  Seriously, how often do you smile on your journey to work?
Do you ever think "Yippee!  I get to go to work today?"
Do you ever feel stressed about how much work you have to do?
Do you ever worry about what your boss will say/do?
Do you come home exhausted every night?
Do you miss out on enjoying time with your family?

There's about a million more questions I could ask, but if you answer yes to any of these, then you are settling for mediocrity, my friend.  And don't tell me it's okay, because that's what Joe, your next door neighbour does, or that's what all your other friends and relatives have to do!  If it's your goal to be just as blah, as the next person, then go ahead, and use them as your examples.

If, however, you want more (and really, most do) than you have to create it for yourself.  You have to be a little different from every one else you know.  You've got to be a little off-centre.  And the only reason you'll be off-centre is because you've surrounded yourself by people who also settle for a mediocre life.  Decide you want more, and people who do have more will start to come into your life and you won't be so different after all.

How do you do it? 4 Things:

1. Meditate every morning - get up early if you have to, no excuses!

2. Watch your thoughts- if you wake up grumpy then deliberately think of something that makes you happy. Yes, you do have the power to do this!  You are not a slave to your thoughts.  You're the boss.

3.  Imagine over and over again, something that you want.  See from your own eyes the picture of the life you want to create.  Feel good about it. If it feels bad, then you're doing it wrong.  Think thoughts that put you in a happy mood first, then visualize.  Those thoughts can start off as simple as "I like to feel good.  I like to feel happy.  I like to feel easy."  Follow that train and see where it takes you.

4. Don't let your past experiences determine your future ones.  Had an argument with a co-worker yesterday?  Replay the scene in your imagination where you came to a peaceful resolution of the conflict. See the two of your smiling and shaking hands.  This activity cleans up the negative vibrations you've been carrying around with you....and we all know negative vibrations reap negative results.

You do have the power to create your future and re-write your past.  All it takes is some time and effort on your part.  Be brave, be different, be daring.  Don't think you have it in you?  Well I think you do.  Everybody does.  Remember, fortune favours the brave, so if you want different results, you're gonna have to be brave and try different things.