Friday, 3 December 2010

Tell Your Mirror The Truth

by Anne Bellamy, Author of Using The Law of Attraction to Help The Universe Help You

The worst thing you can do to yourself is to look in the mirror and lie to it.  What do I mean by lying to the mirror?  I mean telling it a story about the person in front of it, that just isn't true.  The stories I'm talking about are ones like:

"You are not smart enough"
"You are not motivated enough"
"You are too lazy"
"Someone else will take care of you"
"You are too ugly/fat/pimply/old/young/stupid/silly/wimpy/tired"

The reason this is the worst thing you can do to yourself, is that the mirror believes everything you tell it.  Then it does what mirrors do, and reflects.  You will see the very picture of the lie you have just told the mirror.  Right in front of you.  And when you see evidence of that lie, it becomes truth.  You suddenly become all of the lies you have told the mirror.

If you would just look into that mirror and start telling it some beautiful truths, your whole world will change.  That mirror will believe every word you tell it, and reflect it back to you.  Your confidence will soar.  You will feel like you can achieve anything.

Some people don't believe in positive affirmations.  They think they are just a bit of hoo-haw.  That if you say something positive to yourself like "I am good enough" that there will be a tiny voice inside your head that says "No you're not".  Okay, okay, we all have that tiny voice. But remember, it's tiny for a reason.  It's tiny because it has no real power, only the power you give it.  So, really, you are the one with all the power. After all, you must have possession of it in the first place if you're going to give it away. What are you going to do with that power?  Will you give that power to the tiny voice?  Or will you gift it to yourself?

Telling the mirror some beautiful truths is gifting yourself with power.  So stand in front of that mirror, and tell it:
"I am worthy"
"I am capable"
"I am motivated"
"I am powerful"
"I am smart"
"I am funny"
"I am pretty"

Ahhhh!  Doesn't that feel better now?