Friday, 19 August 2011

Day 39: Learning from Novices.

Yesterday, as the stock markets once again, plunged, I had the slightly daunting task of telling my boyfriend that his shares (which I had been watching online for him, while he was busy doing some DIY) had fallen quite a bit.  His reaction?



"Oh, well.  It's just money."

He shrugged his shoulders, cracked a joke and carried on what he was doing.   The man pivoted like an expert!  I was so impressed.  I stood there and watched him continue to sand a piece of wood. 

Last week, while talking to my brother, he told me he lost a ton of money on his shares, which he followed up with "oh well, it's just money."  He then changed the subject to something lighter.

I kind of forgot about what my brother had said last week, until my boyfriend said the exact same thing yesterday.  It got me to thinking.  These are two guys who are both successful, and who both have a knack for attracting money to them.  They both are able to see the potential money in many situations. 

Now, I've never heard either one of them talk about the Law of Attraction (I've talked to my boyfriend, but the conversation is usually one-way), or how their thoughts and emotional well-being have helped them attract money.  I think it's something they both instinctively know.

And then I started to think, there's a reason these two guys are in my life, and it's not just because one of them is family.  There's a reason I had this conversation with both of them.  You attract what you think about.  (like I didn't already know this) You attract certain people.  Example: I believe it's extremely important to laugh, and as a result, I'm surrounded by some very funny people (family, friends, boyfriend).  They make me laugh A LOT!

My point is: I often turn to experts outside of my circle, to learn from.  But I don't necessarily have to do that.  I've got at least two experts in my life right now.  I just didn't realize it.  They may not talk about it, but these guys know how to attract what they want.  Which makes me happy!  It tells me I'm on the right road. 

Their attitude towards money is inspiring.  Should we be putting so much pressure on money in an effort to attract it?  Or should we just shrug our shoulders, and trust that the money will flow back to us.  I think we all know the answer to that one.

My teachers yesterday were two of the people closest to me.  They weren't "experts".  They're just two guys who know the secret, without necessarily knowing they know it!

My lesson?  Listen to those closest to me.  There's a reason they are close to me.  They will teach me what I need to learn.