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 Using The Law of Attraction To Help The Universe Help You

How does the Universe really work? Is it on your side or conspiring against you? This book helps you understand how you can use the law of attraction to help the universe bring you health, wealth, and happiness, and all your other desires. Learn how to take control of the direction your life is heading in.

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 Leveraging The Law of Attraction with Self-Esteem

Leveraging the Law of Attraction With Self-Esteem explains how a healthy self-esteem is important in getting the Universe to work for you. With tips on how to improve or increase your self-esteem, this book helps you achieve the life of your dreams. Wealth, success, happiness, love and good health are yours, if you believe you deserve them.

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 Using The Law of Attraction To Manifest Your Money

To many people the thought of becoming rich seems too far-fetched to even entertain. They believe abundance seems to be something meant for other people. But the Universe sees every one as special and deserving of abundance, wealth, and happiness. This book teaches you tips and tricks that will wield the power of The Law of Attraction to bring you everything you ever wanted.

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Searching For Victory 

What do 3 angry men, a former flame turned stalker and a man dressed as Marilyn Monroe have in common? They're all part of Vicki Mercer's life. She thought her friends were amusing, but when her own life gets interesting, she can't ignore the pattern emerging. Can she grow a backbone and get a life? And just how, exactly, do you kill a moose with your head?

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