Thursday, 12 July 2012

The Law of Attraction Challenge: Continued

My next item that I wanted to attract to myself (6-7 on the get-ability scale) was a microwave oven.  My husband and I went on holiday for two weeks and when we got back we discovered that our microwave oven stopped working.  So, as I had just received Chauncey's instruction to pick a new item, I decided to attract a new microwave.

I said to my husband "leave it to me.  I'll get us a new one."  This surprised him a bit, as usually he does that sort of thing, but he agreed.  I then added "and if I don't get one within a month, you can take over"
"A MONTH!?!?"  he said, eyes widening.  Obviously he's used to life's conveniences.  I explained that I wanted to use the microwave as my next item on the scale to attract.  Reluctantly, but patiently, he agreed.

I followed the steps a bit better this time.  I wrote a note at my bedside to remind myself to think of a microwave before going to bed.  (I always find little notes to myself help)

About 3 weeks later, and still without microwave, my good friend Rachel called me.  She and her boyfriend had just bought a house and were moving in together.  The house came with kitchen appliances, which included a microwave installed above the oven.  As she and Jason had both lived on their own, they also both came to the party with their own microwaves.  Deciding that they only needed one as a back-up, Rachel was calling me to see if I was interested in having her microwave.

I instantly started laughing which suprised her a great deal.  "What's so funny?"  she asked.  "It's a long story, I'll tell you later.  But yes, we do need a microwave as it goes."  The  next day Jason delivered it to our front door.  

So there it is!  This challenge works!  My next task is to pick an item that's 9-10 on the get-ability scale.  I've got a good one, and I'd love to attract it.  Stay tuned to see how I do!