Monday, 29 August 2011

How Experiencing The Contrast Helps You Visualize What You Prefer

By Anne Bellamy, Author of  Using The Law of Attraction To Help The Universe Help You

This past weekend we decided to go to an Open House.  Are we moving? Nah, not yet.  Thinking about it?  Kinda just starting to.  We live in a small but cozy house, which is fine, because it's jus the two of us.  But when my boyfriend suggested checking out this house nearby, I said yes!

I was enthusiastic, not because I'm eager to move, but because I was eager to experience some contrast.
When you experience contrast, you get a better idea of what you want in life. 

Just hours before we went, my boyfriend said, "is there really any point? We can't afford this house anyway"
to which I replied:

"Hell yes, there's a point!  The point is for us to experience that which we prefer. This house is bigger than ours.  It has a bigger backyard and a garage.  It's finished (regular readers will recall that our house isn't)

When we experience that which we prefer, we then are able to focus on it.  Most people, after seeing something they prefer, tend to focus on the fact that they lack what they prefer.  This is a chance to imagine ourselves somewhere bigger.  This is a chance to focus on what we want. When we go see this house, don't focus on the fact that it may be nicer than ours.  But focus on what you like about it, and imagine yourself living there. Stay positive."

Honestly, I don't know how it worked for him.  I can't monitor his vibrations.  But I do know that I imagined myself in this house.  I know what I liked about it.  I know when I visualize I can see aspects of this house that I preferred.  I can see myself living there.   

We came home, and walked through the front door, and I thought to myself "Home sweet, home"  For while I can visualize myself in a different home, I fully intend to show the one I have my full appreciation. 

I appreciate that it protects me from the elements.  I appreciate that it keeps me warm.  I appreciate that it keeps all my stuff safe.  I appreciate that I feel home here.