Friday, 10 May 2013

Check Your Attitude: Is it Baditude or Gladitude?

It's easy to figure out, really.  When people see you do they greet you with a smile or do they nod their head then try to get away from you as soon as possible?

If people greet you with a smile on their face, then chances are you have a Gladitude. Yep, it's a word I just came up with  (I won't say I invented it, but it's the first I've ever heard of it).  In other words, you're fun to be around, you radiate warmth, people look forward to seeing you.

If however, people find any excuse to leave your presence as soon as possible without making eye contact, chances are you have a Baditude.  You're grumpy.  You whine, you complain, you gossip.  You suck the joy out of everything.  Oh, and you attract those exact same people to you.  Which, on the surface, you probably like.  Misery loves company, after all.  But for your own sake, ask yourself if you are truly happy.

Most people with "Baditudes" think they have to deal the cards life dealt them.  What they fail to understand is that they are the dealer.  They deal themselves crap, day in and day out.  If this is you, don't feel too bad.  You probably don't know any better.  It's a lifelong habit for most. But it's one that can be broken.

You know those "Gladdies" I mentioned earlier?  Start hanging out with them more often.  If they are truly glad people, they'll allow you this.  Good, now once you've done this, shut up and start listening to them.   Don't complain, don't moan, don't bitch, don't whine, don't gossip.  Don't try a validate or reinforce the bad day you're having.  Forget it and listen to the Gladdie.  Just soak up their rays.  Listen to the language they use.  Look at their body language.  Learn from them.

A bad attitude isn't a life-term sentence.  You can get pardoned.  It's never too late, and you're never too old.  Your circle of friends will change, you will laugh more and lady luck will finally be on your side.  Or, stay where you are and your life will never change.  It's up to you, as always.