Monday, 15 August 2011

Appreciation is Bringing Me The Goods

This weekend the dog-sitting began. I wasn't exactly ecstatic about this when we first agreed.  I was concerned that my boyfriend was going away that weekend and that I would be alone with a dog (not being a "dog person" this freaked me out a bit) 

However, I decided to let go of any worries I had, and decided it would all work out.  My boyfriend's weekend got cancelled (due to external reasons - not ME!) and I would not have to spend the entire weekend alone with this dog.

Not only that, but her owners showed up with: 4 oranges, 1 quart of milk, half a watermelon, and a blackberry crumble.  Yes, they emptied the contents of their fridge in anticipation for their trip.  They gave us the food they didn't think would keep for a week.  To me, it's just more FREEBIES and I accepted them with thanks. 

This weekend I've meditated, and did my 40 minute run both days. Both of these activities I look forward to.  I ALWAYS feels good afterwards. 

More blackberry picking....the forest is absolutely heaving with them!

I'm giving thanks more and more for the little things.  I've talked about this before, but I realize more and more how much I took for granted.  How I would scoff at free things that didn't seem like much (like the friends who brought the food).  I'm learning more and more to feel appreciation for everything that comes my way: be it money, food, drink, fun events, you name it. I'm looking out for, expecting their arrival and appreciating them when they get here.

What about you?  What do you take for granted that you should be showing appreciation for?

p.s. dog's been easy!