Wednesday, 27 July 2011

The Money Attracting Challenge: Day 16

Day 16 started off with my 40 minute run.  I look forward to this run now, not because of the physical benefit it gives me, but because it has become a dedicated time for my affirmations.  I feel really, really good while I'm running and saying my affirmations to myself.  Maybe there is a bit of two birds, one stone going on here,

because I do know that I am benefitting physically, and perhaps that's helping with my mood.  But, it's like I can't wait to get out there to tell the Universe what to bring me.  I can't wait to affirm and confirm my abundance to the Universe! 

Still reading Money and The Law of Attraction.  It keeps me focussing on my thoughts.  It keeps me paying attention, and it keeps me pivoting away from negativity (what I don't want) and towards positivity (what I do want.....£1000 by August 31, among other things)

15 minutes of quiet meditation....ahhhhh!!!!  I love the feeling of ease.  I love the view!  Gotta get me one of those!