Monday, 1 August 2011

The Money Attracting Challenge: Days 20 & 21

On Day 20, which was Saturday, I did something that I rarely do.  I mean once in a blue moon, and usually it's because I've spent the day on an airplane....I went offline.  For the whole day....actually longer, probably more like 36 hours. 

While I get great enjoyment and satisfaction from the internet and all the connections I've made, I must admit, some days it feels like a chore, like an obligation.  This is how I felt on Saturday morning.  I stared at my computer and the thought of turning it on, quite simply, turned me off.  So, I said to myself "well, turning on the computer is what I don't what is it I do want?"  This was a no-brainer.  Pivoting here was pretty clear.  I wanted to step away from the computer, for the day at least.

Once I'd made this decision, I felt a weight off my shoulders.
Ahhhh.....relief!  How good you feel.  I don't know why I felt particularly stressed at the thought of going online that day, but it doesn't matter.  I chose relief.  It's my dominant intent to do that which feel good. 

Day 21 starting with my waking up and thinking "Today, it is my dominant intent to seek out that which pleases me.  Because feeling good is the most important thing."

Then, my 40 minute run: "Thank you Universe for this functioning body!  Thank you for the abundant life I have! I love feeling abundant!  I love feeling joy!  I love feeling prosperous!  I've got a great life!"

In the afternoon, we went to a String Quartet Concert in a nearby museum.  It was set in a beautiful garden and the sun was shining.  I'm not a huge fan of classical music, but our neighbour was the cellist and it was a local event...It lasted about an hour and a half.  During most of that time I closed my eyes, felt the sun on my face, listened gently to the music, heard the birds was pure bliss!  I don't even know what music they played.  I just know I made a conscious decision to feel good about where I was.  I don't usually meditate for that long, but I swear, I felt 10 years younger!  :-)