Wednesday, 13 July 2011

The Money Attracting Challenge: Day 2

 by Anne Bellamy, author of Using The Law of Attraction To Help The Universe Help You

Day 2 of The Money Attracting Challenge.  I found myself in a swirl of thoughts, trying to come up with ideas on what I can do each and every day during this challenge.  Some good ideas popped up, then went away.  Some stayed, but when I tried implementing them, they felt forced.  So I stepped back.  And relaxed.

I started to meditate.  I've been a big fan of meditation for awhile now.  I don't really even care if it helps bring all my dreams and wishes to my doorstep: I like it because it feels good.  I like the peace.  I like the silence.  I like the solitude.  I like the relief.

On Day 2 I also made a decision:  Whenever I felt myself criticize something or someone, have a negative thought, be a glass is half-empty person I would stop myself and say "I am blessed. And the reasons I am blessed are:"

1. My health.  I've always been well.  Everything works the way it should, and boy am I glad about that!

2. My home. I have one.  It's a house that I've come to love, that I call home, that gives me warmth and shelter.  That I look forward to coming back to at the end of the day.

3. My personal relationships: Fantastic boyfriend: check. Wonderful family: check. Hilarious friends: check.

I made a longer list, but you get the idea.  Just typing it out again has made me you could say this journal is one of the steps I'm taking to attract money.  Let's say yes.

I also listened to a favourite hypnosis recording on Youtube: Ask Your Money Angel  
It always puts a huge smile on my face, leaving me feeling abundant, magnetic and powerful.

As for my swirl of thoughts, maybe tomorrow one of my ideas will not feel forced, but rather inspired.  That's when you know it's a keeper.

p.s. Cleaning up after dinner, I opened the fridge to put the leftovers away.  I had a hard time finding any space for them and thought to myself  "Arrgghhh!!!  There's too much food in this fridge!" I checked myself right away.  Seriously, I was complaining that I HAD TOO MUCH FOOD! So I switched my thoughts immediately to "Thank you God, Universe for providing all this food for me. I am truly abundant" I felt much better, and you know what?  I found some space for the leftovers.