Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Law of Attraction Challenge: The far

So, I know it's been awhile since I last blogged about this Law of Attraction Challenge, my birthday to be precise, and I've been given a gentle reminder from Chauncey that I said I'd blogged about the results.  My bad for taking so long!

The challenge required me to pick an item I wanted to attract and think about it regularly (I'm paraphrasing, but for the full explanation click here).  The item I picked was a book.  I had recently attended a weekend seminar called Your Call To Greatness (and if you're in London, I'd highly recommend's free!).  During this seminar, a book was often referred to.  It was called The Magician's Way.  It sounded intriguing and I made a decision that I would purchase this book at the end of the seminar.

Well, a few days after the seminar is when I received the challenge from Chauncey, so my item to pick was easy.  I was going to attract this book!  I know it would have been simple to just buy it off Amazon, but that felt like cheating, so I followed Chauncey's a point.  I must confess, I had trouble thinking about this book just before going to sleep.  Some nights I would just crash, others I'd want to read something fictional, but a lot of time, I forgot.  Chauncey advised me to start thinking of this book at various times during the day to compensate, so I did.

About a month later it arrived and here's how.  At my husband's work, there is a book recycling program, which he inadvertantly started.  People brought in their unwanted books and put them in the lunch room for anyone to take. Occasionally he would peruse the books, and bring one or two home for me which he thought I would like.  Well, you can probably guess what happened next.  One day, he came home and said "Oh, I've got another book I thought you'd like."  He reached into his bag, and before I could read the cover, I knew it was my book.  A big smile came over my face and when he handed it to me, I looked at it and read the cover "The Magician's Way".  I let out a humungous laugh, the kind where you throw you head back.  He looked at me like I was crazy. And then I explained all to him.

After telling Chauncey about my success with his challenge, he told me to take it up a notch and pick an item that was a 6-7 on the scale of "get-ability"  Tomorrow I'll let you know what happened.