Friday, 12 August 2011

In Universe I Trust

Yesterday I decided it was time to get back on track with this manifesting money thing.  Not that I really went off the track, it's just that I felt a bit off-course, what with everything that has been going on in London this past week.

I've been focusing so much on staying positive and looking for good news.  Don't get me wrong, that's totally what I should be doing.  Feeling good is the most important thing.  I did lose my focus on the money part, a little bit, though. 

Time to re-focus.

I was looking around Youtube yesterday and I found a woman named Andrea Hess who appears to have given herself the same kind of challenge, a few years ago.  I've only watched the first two of her videos, so I don't know how it turned out for her.  She wanted to make $30,000 in one month. 

In her first video, she talks about putting herself out there.  Uploading videos of her challenge.  She talks about not knowing how or where the money is going to come from.  She also talks about how having trust in the Universe is essential to attract what you want.

It all sounded very good to me.  I can relate to the "putting myself out there" part, as that's exactly what I'm doing with my daily blog posts.  Before accepting this challenge, I posted a blog every once in a while.  Now it's a part of my daily routine. 
Some days I'm more excited to post than others.  Kinda like exercise.  Some days I'm rarin' to go, other days I've got to kick myself in the butt.  Some days I give myself a day off.

I figure that's okay.  I always get back on track.  I trust the Universe doesn't mind.  I trust the Universe knows what I want.  I trust the Universe is bringing it to me. 

So yesterday, while meditating, I told the Universe how much I trusted it.   I told Money how much I loved it.  I felt happy.  I felt abundant.  I felt proud of myself for taking the time to invest in me.  Because that's really what this is all about: investing in yourself.  Can you be bothered?  Are you too lazy?  God knows I'm prone to laziness.  But I've made a decision that I'm worth it.