Thursday, 17 December 2009

Abundance, Happiness & Gratitude - The Top 3

by Anne Bellamy, Author of Using The Law of Attraction to Help The Universe Help You

Abundance. Happiness. Gratitude.  Those are the 3 big ones.  They are the three big emotions that will best serve you during this lifetime.  To feel Abundant is to know that "all good things" flow to you.  Knowing that "all good things" flow to you, causes "all good things" to flow to you. To feel Happy is to tell the Universe that "I expect Happiness." To expect Happiness causes it to appear.  To feel Gratitude is to say "I have it all"  Feeling this feeling of "having it all" sends a vibration out to the Universe, and the Universe responds by giving you all.  That's it. 

Top three emotions: Abundance, Happiness and Gratitude.  Make sure you take time today to feel all three.  Do it with purpose.  Do it with a goal.  Do it to direct the Abundance, Happiness and Gratitude vibrations that are out there, straight to you.  Funnel them in.  Think of that which makes you feel Abundant.  Think of that which makes you feel Happy.  Think of that which makes you feel Grateful. Remember, the Law of Attraction gives  you that which you think of.  Like attracts like.  Feel Abundant, Happy and Grateful.  You will be Abundant, Happy and Grateful. How great is that?

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