Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Building Self-Confidence Through Goal Setting

by Anne Bellamy, Author of Using The Law of Attraction to Help The Universe Help You

One of the easiest and best ways to build your self-confidence is to set daily goals for yourself.  These goals do not have to be monumental, or change the world.  They just have to be tiny little steps that you'd like to take, that would make you feel better about yourself.  Accomplishment is something that we all strive for, as it's what makes us happy.  Think about it.  How happy were you when you:

Got your first job?
Bought your first house?
Bought your first car?

Pretty proud of yourself, right? Okay, well then, give yourself that feeling every day.  Let's start small, especially if you're working on building your self-confidence.  Here are some daily goals you can set for yourself:

1. Get up half an hour earlier than usual and meditate....do this even if it's raining!  You'll feel productive, focused and more importantly, proud of yourself.

2. Exercise. Resolve to do some form of exercise every day.  Even if you've had a busy day, try and walk home from the station, or do some stretches at your desk.  Something that makes you say "my body will thank me for this." You know it feels good after you've exercised, and I'm not talking just about physically.

3. Do not criticize or gossip.  Are you that person at work who loves to spread rumours....or do you sit next to them?  Strive today to not get involved in any mud-slinging conversations.  See the bright side of things.  Smile a little more today.  Don't take things so seriously.  The more you focus on positive things, the less you will be noticing the negatives.

4. Read some self-help books.  Instead of plopping yourself in front of the television, decide to spend half an hour reading something that nourishes your mind, and better yet, your self-confidence and self-love.
Here's some great suggestions:

Everyone has their own idea of what accomplishments are.  How about cleaning the kitchen? Vacuuming the living room? Shovelling the driveway?  It doesn't really matter, as long as it's a goal that is attainable to you, and one that will make you feel proud of yourself.

The prouder you feel about yourself, the more it will show.  You will begin to radiate self-confidence.  The more you treat yourself with respect and love, the more others will do the same.  It all starts with self-confidence.

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