Thursday, 4 February 2010

Feel Gratitude and Live in Abundance

by Anne Bellamy, Author of Using The Law of Attraction to Help The Universe Help You

 In your life there are many, many things for you to be grateful for.  I don't care who you are or what your circumstances are.  There are always things you can look at and say Thank You! to the Universe for.  You can be grateful that you are alive for one thing.  You can be grateful for air that you breathe.  You can be grateful for the cool breeze you feel on your face after a warm summer day.  You can be grateful for the cool ocean water that splashes your skin.  You can be grateful for the bright blue sky above your head.  You can be grateful for the miracles that nature show you every day.


Wherever you look, if you truly look, you will find things to be grateful for.  That's the trick though, isn't it?  You really have to look for it sometimes. And many times, we forget to look.  I have a thought to share with you that might inspire you to look more often: When you feel gratitude, even for the smallest thing, the Universe feels that gratitude and gives you more to be grateful for.  When you feel grateful to have money to pay that energy bill, the Universe will provide you with opportunities to have more money.  Doesn't that sound  like the best reason , ever, to pay a bill? 

Even our hardships are things to be grateful for.  When we experience something we don't like, we automatically learn what we do like. (for if you don't like rainy weather, you realize you like sunny weather) When you realize what you do like, be grateful for that opportunity to experience what  you didn't like, because the Universe will recognize the gratitude you feel in the lesson you have learned.  We experience hardships so that we can know what we like. Be grateful for that! Know what you like and give thanks!

Here's a video I found which might help you realize all there is (and more!) to be grateful for.  Watch it everyday if you need a boost.


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