Monday, 20 June 2011

Pay Attention to The Stories You Keep Telling Yourself: The Law of Attraction is Always Listening

by Anne Bellamy, Author of Using The Law of Attraction to Help The Universe Help You

Yesterday my boyfriend and I were standing on the flat roof above our living room, hammering out nails from pieces of wood that were stripped off our roof when we had it reslated.  Our house has undergone a lot of renovation in the last five years, and we're still not completely done.  We've got a scaffold up and the roof is done, the windows are getting painted. Next is the kitchen.

But what happened a few weeks ago, was that the same flat roof we were standing on, started to leak.  Boyfriend quickly got up there and put some sealent on it.  Then, a few days ago, another leak appeared at a different spot on the flat roof.  Again, sealent was quickly applied.  It was while we were standing on this roof yestereday, that my boyfriend looked at it, saw all the sealent, looked at the scaffold and sighed "It's always something with this house"

I just smiled, as I know he's getting frustrated with all the work.  I was conscious not to add to that sentiment though.  I know the stories that you tell yourself, are the ones that the universe and the law of attraction are listening to, and the ones they respond to.

Not ten minutes later, boyfriend went downstairs, came back up and said "There's a leak in the kitchen ceiling!" After much inspection and investigation, the leak was found (the toilet was filling up too much after being flushed, and the afterflow was leaking down.....don't worry, it's the clean water!)  Problem was quickly fixed (boyfriend is extremely handy) But his body language looked defeated.

So I shared what I knew about how the universe works.  He knows I'm into this stuff, and he's willing to listen, but not fully convinced.  Anyway, I told him, we have to stop making comments like "It's always something with this house" and start making comments like:

"I love this house"
"I appreciate having a home to live in"
"Isn't our garden beautiful?"
"I love the colour we painted our living room"
"Our couch is so comfy!"

We've agreed.  Appreciation for this house is the way forward.  I've started stroking the walls every day and saying "I love you" I'll let you know what happens.

What stories are you telling yourself that are, without you intending to, damaging your experiences?  What beliefs do you say out loud that get sent back to you by the universe and the law of attraction?  Watch your thoughts and words.  They have power. 

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