Thursday, 28 July 2011

The Money Attracting Challenge: Day 17 - Appreciation

By Anne Bellamy, Author of

Day 17 was a day of Appreciation.  I specifically set time aside to feel grateful, to feel appreciation for what I already have.  I followed Esther and Jerry Hicks' advice on the technique of 17 seconds.  If you're not sure of what that is, have a look:

You know what?  This stuff works.  I sat down a few times yesterday to deliberately do this.  Each time, the momentum SWUNG towards Happiness.  I was absolutely beaming!  Thought after thought after thought of positive, happy, joyful, abundant, appreciative emotions poured forth from me.  Try it, it's seriously a good way. 

I did it just before turning off the light and going to sleep.  Such a peaceful sleep I had!

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