Sunday, 17 July 2011

The Money Attracting Challenge: Day 6

by Anne Bellamy, author Using The Law of Attraction To Help The Universe Help You

Yesterday, some friends of ours asked us if we could look after their dog for a week while they were in Italy.  This is a dog that we've looked after before, but only for a weekend, never for a whole week.  Having said that, she is pretty well behaved and they are good friends of ours, so we said yes.

Now, I'm not exactly a dog-person.  Haven't been since a black labrador chased me from a nearby field to our back door when I was eight years old.  So, dog-sitting isn't my favourite pasttime.  Add to that the fact that I work predominantly from home while my boyfriend goes to an office every day, guess who will be spending the most time with this dog?  To top it all off, my boyfriend realized (after we agreed to dogsit) that he was going away that weekend with a friend to watch cricket.

I was not happy!  Not only would I have the dog predominantly to myself during the week, but now my boyfriend tells me I'll have her the whole weekend, by myself?!?!  (In his defence, he is trying to get out of going to the cricket.) In my unhappy mood, I stormed upstairs, sat on my bed, crosssed my arms, hmmphhhed, and then saw Money and The Law of Attraction on my bedside table.  What was I just talking about yesterday?  Pivoting.  So, I decided to use it.  Okay, so looking after this dog by myself is what I don't want, so what is it that I do want?

I want to share the responsibility of dog-sitting with my boyfriend.  I want him to sell his cricket ticket.  I want a nice bottle of Italian red wine when our friends get back.  It worked.  My mood picked up immediately.  I don't know what's going to happen, but I do know that it will be just fine.   

Oh, and did I mention that they offered to pay me £20.00 for looking after the dog?  Their original offer was £70 (what the kennel was charging) but that seemed too much, so we settled on £20.00 (plus the bottle of red).  Now there's £20.00 I wasn't expecting!  Hey, this challenge is working!

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