Monday, 25 July 2011

The Money Attracting Challenge: Days 13 & 14

Day 13: The Day of the Party.  I woke up early so that I could prepare myself for the day.  By "prepare" I mean, "align" myself for the party.  I had been experience some stress in the days leading up to the party, so I wanted to clear that away.

So, I got up (6:30am) sat outside, closed my eyes and meditated and visualized for about 30 minutes.  I saw the party going well.  I saw everyone laughing and having a good time.  I saw children behaving (for the most part).  I saw people thanking us.
I finished with a big smile on my face and went on about my day.

In short, the party was great.  Children were a bit rowdy, but not too bad.  Lots of laugh, good friends and thankfully, lots of good food.  At the end of the day, there was, once again, no room in our fridge...and you know how grateful I am about that.

Day 14: A slow start to the day (wonder why?) but a nice easy one.  We ended up going for a drive in the country, having lunch on a hillside, overlooking a beautiful forest, and topping it off with blackberry picking.  A calm, serene, peaceful day which gave me much to be thankful for.  It rejuvenated me and dusted off the cobwebs. Looking forward to a prosperous week!

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