Friday, 24 May 2013

Show Your Money Some Love

Want to attract more money into your life?  Start appreciating it.  Start blessing it.  Start telling it that you love it.  Yes, I mean it!  I tell my money all the time that I love it.

Stop cursing it.  Stop blaming it (don't ever say it's the root of all evil).  Stop resenting others who have it.
Start celebrating others' success.  When you see someone become successful, don't envy them, be happy for them.

Stop hoarding it and start sharing it.

Using The Law of Attraction to Manifest Your Money

Money is energy that responds to your feelings about it.  If you feel love for it, it will feel love for you and will show up ALOT more!  Picture it as someone you love.  Consider it precious. But as with someone you love, you have to give money freedom, or it will find a way to free itself from you.  Don't be its captor.  Be its friend.  Be its family.

Start oozing love for money and it will ooze love for you.  Treat it as if it's a person.  Give it love, respect and kindness.  Show it trust by demonstrating that if you let it go, you know it will return to you.

Money is the source of many a beautiful thing.  In our society it gets blamed for an awful lot.  Just as an experiment, let's all start appreciating if for an awesome lot.  

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