Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Using The Law of Attraction to Manifest Your Money

Please enjoy this excerpt from my book Using The Law of Attraction to Manifest Your Money

Chapter 1

If you think this book will be about some easy way to make money, then you couldn't be more wrong. Sorry to have to tell you that, but We feel it's best if We're honest right from the get-go, don't you? When you think about it, though, do you really want to pay money for a book that proclaims to show you an easy way to make money, with no effort at all? Would you really believe that claim?

It is a well known fact that you, in this physical plane, believe that money is hard to come by. Therefore, being told that it is easy just sticks in your craw. You don't buy it, and as a result, probably wouldn't buy this book. It is true that all the money you desire can come to you, but it will take effort on your part, just not the kind of effort you are used to putting in.

When you think about “working hard” many of you imagine spending hours in the office, or doing some kind of physical labour. You imagine the stress and toll it takes on you physically and emotionally. You think that to earn money, you have to trade it for your health and well-being. Think about that sentence for a minute. Are you saying “hang on a minute! I don't expect to get sick over making money”? Well, let Us ask you this: What kind of effect do you think stress has on you? Do you think it enrichesyour life? Do you think it adds some kind of value? This is where you might say “Yes, I get money in return for it”. Thank you. You've just made our point.

The truth is this: Yes, if you want money to come into your life, you have to put in effort. You have to work for it. However, you don't have to slave away at a job you detest, working for a boss you dream of murdering. You don't have to “slog it out”. You don't have to fight the traffic during rush hour, or cram into that bus, subway, or train to get to work on time.

This book is going to show you how you can attract massive amounts of money into your life without doing that. Are you still with Us? Does that sound implausible? Do you know that many, many people have already figured out how to do this, and are absolutely raking it in? How does that make you feel knowing that there is a way, and that others have found it, and that you haven't?
Does it make you want a piece of the action? Well good! That's exactly what it should do.

You should be able to look at something and say “I want that”. All you have to do is to know how. That is where We come in. We want nothing more than for you to be happy. We want you to experience all the fun, and excitement that there is out there waiting for you. For when you experience it, so do We. When you are happy, We are absolutely thrilled.

Money cannot buy you happiness. Ouch! Painful, but you know it's true. Don't worry, this book is still about how you can attract massive amounts of money into your life. Don't put it down, We're getting to that. How many rich, successful people have you seen in magazines or on TV, who seem to have it all, yet suffer terrible loss, addiction and sickness? They're all over the place! What are they doing wrong? They're rich, they're beautiful, they're famous! How can they mess up so much? Well, they are assuming that the more money they have, the happier they will be. Therefore they neglect tending to their “Happy Garden”.

What is a “Happy Garden”? It is that place in your mind that you must tend to, every single day. You see, We want you to be rich and happy. The two don't necessarily go hand in hand. The problem is what most people think is that money will bring happiness. What We'd like to show you is that happiness will bring you money. “Wait a minute!” you're saying “I know people who are happy and aren't rich!” Yes, that's very true. Lots of people are happy and not “rich”. But then, “rich” is a relative term. To that starving child living in a third world country, “rich” is having three square meals a day. And believe it or not, it isn't everyone's goal to be rich. Not really. There are many happy people out there who don't believe that they ever will be rich, and therefore massive amounts of money do not come their way. Yet they believe they will be happy. So, they get the happiness without the money.

But if you want the happiness and the money, then you are the person We want to talk to. Happiness comes from within. And that's great. That's where all the work is done. Money, however, is an expression of the outside world. It allows you the experience of it. Money buys you that first class plane ticket and takes you to that beautiful island in the South Pacific where you sip Pina Coladas on the beach all day. Oh! Doesn't that sound nice? We wish you would go! It's really beautiful there. You can experience it in your mind, and you can read about it from someone else, but the very reason you came into this physical plane is to experience for yourself.

That's where money comes in. Isn't it delicious? Isn't it simply marvellous what money can buy you, or where it can take you? Let's think about a few things it will do for you: It can buy you that lovely house with the huge front lawn that you drive past, on the way to work, every morning. It can hire that personal trainer for you who gets you into top physical shape. It can even buy you a new nose if you want it to! It will take you to that beautiful island (that keeps coming up because it's where Annie wants money to take her).

What else? It can pay for your child's education. It can help a loved one who is going bankrupt. It can be donated to charities to help others who are less fortunate than you. You can give it all away, but just be prepared for it to come back to you. That's how money works. When you give it away, without any strings, without worrying if you will ever see it again, it returns! That's the secret many don't realize.

Think of money like someone you are in love with. The more you hang on to that person the more they will want to break free of you. It's one thing to be affectionate and appreciative, but desperation stinks and repels. That person will get as far away from you as possible. Money works the same way. The more you are desperate for it, the more you repel it. If you are thinking “but I am desperate, and now you tell me I won't get money” don't despair. We know a way around that. And it all takes place in your Happy Garden.

You can find out more about this book by clicking on this title: Using The Law of Attraction to Manifest Your Money

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