Thursday, 18 August 2011

Day 38: Asking and Receiving

This Money Attracting Challenge has got me paying attention to my thoughts and feelings.  It has me searching for inspiration.  It keeps me accountable (because I said I'd journal this online).  Occasionally, it gets me a bit frustrated.  I will admit that there are days or moments rather, when I just feel, well, at a loss.

It's a deeply ingrained (and bad) habit to try and figure out the "how" of so many things: How will this money come to me? How will I figure out what I will have to do?  How will I accomplish this? How will I find the resources? Ah! That question turned on a lightbulb in my head. 

I look for inspiration quite a bit, especially on the internet.  There are so many great resources, so many great videos, blogs, newsletter, people to follow on Twitter who inspire me and for those I am grateful.  But there are times, when I can't find them.  Simply come up a dud.  I go to read a blog that I regularly read and the post doesn't "speak" to me.  Not that it's a bad post, it just didn't add value to me on that particular day.  I'll still go back to it.  It's just that the writer was speaking to a different audience on that day.

So I returned to my question" How will I find the resources?"  Something about that question struck a chord with me.  So I decided to do what I usually do in these situations.  Found a quiet place and just meditated.  It was while meditating that the answer came to me.  It's glaringly obvious, actually. 

We all have a Source.  As you know, I read a lot of Abraham Hicks.  Most people who are interested in the Law of Attraction do.  It was Esther who taught me how to contact my own Source, through meditation.  S/he, or they, collectively call themselves Efram.  He's my go to guru.  I've known this for a few years now, but amazingly, I still sometimes forget about him.

But not yesterday. I learned a trick from Abraham Hicks and was reminded of it yesterday. I asked Efram "Please help me to find the vibration necessary to feel abundant.". That's it.  As soon as the request was sent, the feeling came to me, immediately, like a thunderbolt.   I felt amazing. 

It's a simple as that.  Asking for help, and receiving it.  Sometimes we forget to ask.  I know I do.  Sometimes help is offered to us, and we don't see it as an opportunity.  If it's offered, you probably requested it on some accept it!  Not accepting help is equal to rejecting it.  Telling the Universe,
"Don't send this thing my way"

We all need help from time to time.  Accept it.  Appreciate it. Bless it.  You'll find yourself surrounding by helpful people.  I know I do!


  1. Asking is so important. Thank you for the reminder. The other day, I posed a 'how' question out loud and my 16 year old admonished me for stinking thinking.

    I asked her to be understanding as I am relatively new to this way of thinking. I have many years of stinking thinking and only about 3 years of choosing my thoughts. I'm getting better every day.

  2. Hi Debbie,
    Thanks for much for your comment. I too am relatively new to this way of thinking, about as long as you. Good for your 16 year old though! I like the term "stinking thinking" It's so accurate!