Saturday, 27 August 2011

First World Problems????

By Anne Bellamy, Author of Using The Law of Attraction To Help The Universe Help You
Yesterday a friend of mine sent me this video:

It made me start to think about my own "First World Problems" hmm....the lightbulb in my bathroom went out yesterday and I don't have a spare one....I'll have to go out and buy one, at the store around the corner!

Last night, while watching TV, we got a bit peckish.  Then, the horror!  We realized we didn't have any snack food in the house.  Again, we had to go out and buy some Doritos, at the store, around the corner!

And did I mention that there was nothing good on TV?!?!  Can you believe it?

My fridge is too full of food (on a serious note, this is something that I really have complained about.  Can you believe that?)

First World Problems are all pretty insignificant, aren't they?  The best way to learn that is to go to a Third World Country.  You'll realize pretty darn quickly how lucky you really are.  I learned this lesson myself when (a few years after graduating from University, something I took for granted at the time) I spent 6 weeks travelling in East Africa. 

It changed my life.  Not only because it's where I met my boyfriend, but because I had never seen people live with so little.  I felt ashamed of all the things I took for granted in my life.  The fact that I went to University was a given.  All my peers were doing it, so I would too.  Didn't dawn on my that I was damn lucky, to not only go to University, but that it was always an assumption that I would.

Africa is where I truly learned to count my blessings.  And yes, I do forget to do that from time to time, but I'm pretty good at it. There's so much in my life worthy of appreciation.  I won't bore you with what those things are, but if you're reading this, you probably have a lot to appreciate in your life too.

So, whaddya think?  What First World Problems do you have, which are, in fact, not problems, but blessings?

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