Friday, 26 August 2011

Listening to My Guidance System

Last night while I was reading Money and The Law of Attraction, I came across this sentence:

"Many people ignore their Guidance System by tolerating negative emotion and, in doing so, deny themselves the benefit of Guidance from Broader Perspective."

It really spoke to me.  Do you know anyone like that?  I do.  At least I used to.  Most of the people in my life right now are positive, happy souls.  I drew them to me, so big thanks to me!  But, in the past, I have certainly met people who seemed downright determined to be miserable.  It occurred to me that those people do not realize how much self-sabotaging they are doing.  It also occurred to me to be grateful that I am on a different path; that I've learned the difference that a positive mental attitude makes.

So, after reading the above passage, I said "thanks" to the Universe.  As I've been a glass is half full person for many years, it was this attitude that led me to a bookstore (in search of a cookbook) which ultimately led me to the self-help section where I picked up an intriguing-looking book called "The Secret".  

Long story short, it led me to other important learnings, teachers and resources that put me on the deliberate path I'm on today. 
Why was I in the bookstore to begin with?  To get myself out of a grumpy mood and do some Christmas shopping. I was deliberately trying to get in the "Christmas mood" and cheer myself up.....and boy did I benefit from that one decision, which seemed so insignificant at the time.

That brings me back to the quote at the beginning of the post.  While not realizing it, I was listening to my Guidance System, which was telling me I was in a grumpy mood, which I refused to tolerate.  And I did receive the benefit of "Guidance from Broader Perspective".

Again, last night as I thought about this, I let the gratitude surround me and emanate from me.  Thank You Thank You Thank You!

In other news, I have continued my meditation practice.

The effect of taking 5 minutes to meditate every hour?  I find myself smiling uncontrollably (not trying to stop, actually)  even when the saddest song in the world comes on the radio (Adele, I'm talking to you)

I know there are bigger challenges in life than to remain happy when you hear a sad song, but that was just my experience yesterday.  Feeling grateful that I don't have those bigger challenges.

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